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Environmental On-line Monitor

Based on the Internet of Everything cloud platform and excellent instrument hardware technology, to create intelligent online monitoring solutions for customers in environmental protection, industry, thermal power plants, aerospace and other fields.

Atmospheric Heavy Metal On-line Monitor
Model: AOA 200

24H automatic monitoring, it can realize the monitoring of low content of lead, cadmium, chromium, arsenic and other heavy metals in air particulates and collaborative measurement of PM concentration.

Product parameter

Working power supply 220V AC±10%,50Hz±1Hz
Measuring ambient temperature -40~50℃
Measuring ambient Humidity 0%RH~90%RH
Operating temperature of the host 0℃~40℃
Humidity of the host operating environment 30%RH~60%RH
Size 435×510×660mm(L×W×H)
Way to work Continuous automatic monitoring; One year of trouble-free operation and self-recovery function
Applicable standards

HM:US EPA IO-3.3 Standard Method "Determination of Heavy Metals in Environmental Particles by X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry"

PM: HJ653-2013 "Ambient Air Particulate Matter (PM10 and PM2.5) Continuous Monitoring System technical Requirements and Detection methods"

The control mode Computer control, and self-diagnosis and setting function, real-time status monitoring function, and can store more than ten years of monitoring data
interface Chinese or English operation interface, touch screen operation, display real-time sampling flow, sampling time, measurement status, heavy metal concentration value (standard state or non-standard state can be selected), content curve and other information
installation Fixed station room standard cabinet installation or mobile truck installation
Monitoring indicators

1. TSP/PM10/PM2.5 mass concentration

2. Simultaneously monitor Pb (lead), Cd (cadmium), Hg (mercury), As (arsenic) and other 30 elements (other elements can be expanded according to user's subsequent requirements)

Measuring range



Detection limit

HM:10 pg/m3Magnitude (sampling time 1H, flow rate 20L/min)

PM:<0.5μg/m3(24H average)


HM:<15%(Pb、Cd、Assampling time4H)

PM:±5μg/m3 (in 24H)

Miniature On-line Atmospheric Heavy Metal Monitor
Model: GaOA

Compact size, low detection limit, suitable for grid, dense distribution, widely used in urban atmospheric environment monitoring, factory area unorganized emissions, traffic exhaust emissions pollution gas monitoring, emergency monitoring and other fields.

Product parameter


Weight 1.6KG (with battery)
Size 254×79×280mm(L×W×H)
Detection range Mg—U
Excitation source 50KV/200μA upper limit, tube pressure tube flow can be adjusted freely, W/Ag/Rh target (optional)
Detector Si-PIN detector/SDD detector

Display system

4.3 "industrial grade resistance touch screen

Automatically adjust display brightness according to external environment brightness

Data processing

Built-in 32GB storage

USB, can connect the device to the Internet, remote setting and maintenance of the instrument

Heat dissipation T-slot radiator

Built-in DoubleBeam™ technology automatically senses samples ahead for enhanced radiation safety and protection

Waterproof, dustproof and shockproof carrying case

LANScientific special safety rope  

Power system

Intelligent battery with MSBUS, real-time monitoring battery, spare battery can directly check the remaining capacity of the battery, the battery complies with the air dangerous goods transport regulations

A single battery can work for about 8 hours

Continuous Monitoring System for Heavy Metals in Flue Gas
Model: AOA 200CEMS

A solution designed for fast online analysis of heavy metal contaminants in flue gas.

Product parameter

Method of measurement  Energy dispersion type, using XRF to identify the metal content of particulate matter in the air
Main monitoring element Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Fe , Co, Ni , Cu, Zn , Ga , As, Se, Sr , Pb , Rb, Mo , Hg , Ba , Cd , Sb , Sn and more than 20 elements
Size 435×510×660mm(L×W×H) 
weight 85KG
Measuring range 0~5000 μg/m3
Detection limit ≤ 0.1 μg/m3
linearity Correlation coefficient≥ 0.99
The gas temperature

-20 ~ 600 ℃

Gas pressure -20 ~ 50 kPa
The gas flow velocity 0~30 m/s
Sampling and analysis time 10~120min
Sampling flow rate

(0-5) L/min adjustable, constant sampling


Daily automatic calibration

Filter membrane replacement cycle

 1 month

Working environment conditions

Temperature -20~50℃, humidity 0~90%RH

Communication interface 

RS232/RS485/RJ45, GPRS module can be configured

The power supply

220V AC±10%(50±1Hz)

Pollutant Discharge Monitor
Model: SPAS

Mainly monitoring the sulfur content in the air, temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction and other factors. It provides timely and effective decision support for monitoring and supervision of ship air pollution emission.

Product parameter

Product parameter

Measurement range  

Minimum: 0-0.025 parts per million   

Maximum: 0-10ppm(user optional, support double range)

Unit of measure ppm
Zero noise 25ppt(RMS)
Span noise 0.5% (RMS) of readings above 5ppb
Minimum detection limit <50ppt
Zero drift < 0.2 PPB / 24 hours
Delay time

< 20 s

Rise/fall time 95% in 100s
linear 1% of full scale
precision 0.5% of the reading
Sampling flow rate


The power supply requirements


Mode output range


Operating temperature range


Humidity range 

0-90% RH, no condensation





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