On-Line Analyzer in the flow ARP-1C

ARP -1C is a unique analyzer and the next step in the on-line XRF analysis of ores and slurries.

The analyzer measures the concentration of elements and minerals directly in the bypass flow or an a conveyor belt.


- One analyzer for both ores and slurries.
- Easy to expand gradually. Possible number of sample streams is from 1 to several hundred.
- One device for all stages.
- Reliable analysis around the clock.
- Cost efficient. Considerable reduction in the costs for sampling and delivery of slurries.
- Better control over concentrate quality and process variations.
- Reliable. Each analyzer is fully independent.
- Easy to install. Light and compact.
Operational characteristics: 
Feature Values
Measurable concentration range from 0,05% to 70%
Number of simultaneous assays, up to 30
Uptime, hours around the clock
Density of slurries, kg/m3 from 1000 to 2000
Sample measurement time
from 20s to 900s

- analyzer
- power supply cabinet


power supply cabinet



Shipping weight (1 device)
Solid products

Liqiid products

30 kg 0,5m3
50 kg, 1m3


ARP-1C analyzer systems are powerful tools for the process optimization tools that can be applied for multiple tasks such as:

• Material sorting
• Material blending
• Stockpile control

ARP-1C enables e ective sorting of materials based on material composition. Optional software automatically regulates placing of di ering materials into separate locations based on their composition.
Blending ensures stable ore composition and guarantees smooth downstream processing. ARP-1C makes it possible to get consistent stockpiles, with minimal variations within and between piles. Optional software tracks the chemical composition of the stockpile compares it to the target compound and identi es the optimal proportions of the source raw materials.

The e ciency of pyrometallurgical process is ensured by the precise dosage of uxes and slag-builders. Optional software can automatically perform material dosing and proportioning for uniformity of the feed.


Primary rougher otation control
Monitoring the primary rougher concentrate grade results in quality high-grade concentrate.

Rougher control
On-stream analysis provides signi cant information that helps optimise concentrate production. Roughers must produce optimal grade rougher concentrate with a su cient recovery rate. Rougher tails should be monitored for better recovery control.

Cleaner control
Monitoring nal concentrate quality is crucial in cleaner control process.
Scavenger control
Precise measurement of the tails assays will help to reduce the loss of valuable metal
and thus maximize recovery. To measure lower metal contents in rougher tails it is necessary to apply a highly sensitive ARP-1C analyzer.

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