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SpeBOX-1 Spectrum Box

It can be used for RoHS detection of industrial products, element content monitoring, coating thickness monitoring, rapid sorting and other industries. Learn more.

Technical features:

LANScientific SpeBOX-1  is a kind of testing and sorting instrument designed by LANScientific., with many years of XRF technology research and development experience, combining optoelectronics, microelectronics and computer software and other technologies. Tracking, detection and judgment of material quality is a key link in the production and screening process of enterprises in waste recycling, consumer goods, ore mining and selection. Compared with the traditional sorting method, the spectral box sorting speed is faster, higher accuracy, combined with the robot arm can be embedded in the conveyor, feeder, shunt and other automation equipment, more widely used. Through nondestructive testing of the elements and content of materials, it provides a new sorting method for recycling and quality testing industry, bringing a revolution in the sorting field!

Product parameter

Weight 2.5KG
Size 240×145×70 mm(L×W×H)
Excitation source 50KV/200uA upper limit, tube pressure tube flow can be adjusted freely, Ag target (standard), Au, W, Rh target (optional)
The detector

BOOST type SI-PIN detector

High sensitivity SDD detector (optional)

detection range


Display system Industrial grade resistance touch screen, screen size: 4.3"
Data Processing

Built-in 32GB storage

The instrument can be set up and repaired remotely

The data can be output in EXCEL and PDF format. 

Users can customize professional reports, including company logo, company address, test results, spectral spectrum and other sample information

 (such as product description, origin, batch number, etc.).


Waterproof and dustproof

Power Supply System  

AC220V + 5V, 50Hz; Rated power: 100W

Temperature conditions

10°C —30°C

The data transfer

USB, Bluetooth, WIFI, can connect the device to the Internet

О нас

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